Introduction to Python

Just enough to check if you like programming.


Introduction to Python

Faculty: Mrs. Archana Kshirsagar, 20 years of experience working in Persistence, Symphony and IBM.


Anyone without any software background with age between 13 to 60 years who can use laptop and Internet. 


Why learn software programming? It is useful wherever you need to do repetitive tasks (especially in large numbers), without any mistakes and in a fairly short time. 

For example: We all know how to manually  calculate simple interest on a fixed deposit. Now imagine that you are a bank with 1000 fixed deposits. How will you ensure that the interest is calculated accurately at the end of every year in less than one minute? 

It will take you some time to write the above code using Python. But once written, that program will finish the task in less than a minute for 1000 fixed deposits.

Python basics
What is programming?
Why am I learning python?
Where can I use python

Introduction to python shell(browser based)
Literals, operators and variables
Data types

Making decisions
Introduction to making decisions using ifs, elseifs and else.
Using Boolean and relational operators for decision making

For loop, while loop

Basic data structures in python

File Input & Output
Open file
Process each row
Write output to another file

Terms and conditions:

  1. Online course.
  2. You need to have a stable Internet connection and decent laptop.
  3. No spoon feeding! Teachers will not provide individual help in coding.
  4. One hour per day for ten days.
  5. Practice assignments will be given to solve at your own time. These will not be evaluated.
  6. Recording or repeat class will not be provided so please make sure to attend every class.
  7. Sample programs used in the classroom will be shared.
  8. Course completion certificate will be provided based on attendance and performance.